Middle Grades Partnership
Service. Partnership. Community.

Gilman is a founding partner in the Baltimore Community Foundation’s Middle Grades Partnership. MGP allows students in participating Baltimore City Public Schools and area independent schools the opportunity to work together and form friendships over three consecutive summers. With academic and enrichment classes taught by teachers from both schools in each partnership, the program provides exposure to new challenges in a supportive environment for five weeks over the summer.

All MGP participants study writing, reading, and mathematics, while some programs also offer music, art, dance, sports, field trips (both in and out of Baltimore), and high school choice guidance and college readiness instruction. Uniting students and their communities in developing skills that will enable them to create a better Baltimore together, MGP’s ultimate goal is to prepare its 600 Baltimore City public school students to succeed in a rigorous college preparatory high school.

Donell Thompson has served as Gilman’s site director for the MGP program since 2014. “The program presents an excellent opportunity to improve academic outcomes and build connections among Baltimore’s youth in the space between public and private education, particularly given the pandemic’s effect on student learning,” Thompson said. “Because public and private educators co-create the curriculum and share pedagogy in a classroom setting that operates outside of the cultures of the two schools, students from both communities gain bi-directional access to tremendous material and nonmaterial resources.”

Gilman is pleased to continue to work with its public school partner, Southwest Baltimore Charter School.