Lower School Students Share Holiday Cheer with Snowflake Project

Before winter break, Max S.'21 visited Lower School administration to pitch an initiative called the Snowflake Project. It's objective was to spread holiday cheer to at-risk children and their families with student-made holiday cards.

Max shared more about the initiative. 

For the last few years, I have organized a blanket, glove, and clothing drive in my community to help homeless people and pets. This year, I thought it would be fun to get more people involved and show that we care about our community. I reached out to The United Way (who I have created videos for and volunteered with in the past) to see if there was anything that kids could do on their own to make the holidays special for children in need. They suggested making a holiday card for homeless kids. 

With thousands of families in Baltimore who are homeless or at risk, many children will receive nothing at the holidays. Inside each card, we will put a decorated paper snowflake and gloves to remind kids that we care and that each child is special. And, just like a snowflake, each child is one of a kind. I am calling this project, the “Snowflake Project”. 

With the help of lower school students, Max delivered over 200 cards to The United Way and Weekend Backpacks for Homeless Kids.

Enjoy this video, created by Max, to thank the lower school students for participating.