Rosemary Wells, Author and Illustrator of the Max & Ruby Children's Book Series, Comes to Gilman

Rosemary Wells, author and illustrator of more than 125 children's books, stopped by Gilman School to talk with prep-one, first-grade, and second-grade students from both Bryn Mawr and Gilman. During her visit, Mrs. Wells spoke about her creative process and the importance of perfecting one's craft through practice, while taking the students through a virtual tour of her studio.

Gilman pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students traveled to Roland Park Country School to meet Wells earlier that day. 

Each third-grade class is also participating in a focused art class with Mrs. Wells. 

Later in the week, Mrs. Wells spent time with the third graders exploring the art techniques she uses in her books. After listening to her speak about her various art methods, the boys in the third grade experimented with a few of her art techniques, such as making origami mosaics and stamping  with the illustrator's very own stamps.