Putting Things into Perspective

Fifth graders presented their historical perspectives research report to their parents on Monday, May 23 during the Historical Perspectives Gallery Walk. The project allowed the boys to make connections to power and privilege as well as to issues in today’s society.

Students chose from a long list of topics to research, including The African American Experience in the 1600s, the Boston Tea Party, the Founding of Maryland, and the Salem Witch Trials.

“I love this project because it allows the boys to choose a historical topic that is of interest to them, go through all of the steps of the research process, plan and build a 3D artifact, and create and present a trifold board,” said fifth grade teacher Katie Thomas. “As homeroom teachers, we were simply the facilitators who helped guide them and their interests through this project.”

Students used 3D fabrication software, such as Tinkercad and Fusion 360, to create their historical artifact. “The process required students to think critically and abstractly about constructing their historical elements,” said instructional technology teacher Lynn Nichols. “For example, students who created cannons to represent the military career of George Washington combined negative and positive three-dimensional spaces to fabricate the hollow tube of the cannon body.” Once the artifacts were designed and approved, students used the School’s Ultimaker 3D printers with the help of Katie Schmidt, Director of the Middle School Innovation Lab, to fabricate the artifacts.