Authentic Connections Resilience Survey Results

Gilman takes pride in our strong community and commitment to supporting students’ well-being while delivering an exceptional education. This past fall, we partnered with Authentic Connections (AC), a research-based organization working to foster resilience in school communities. AC’s Resilience Surveys have provided us with insights into the factors most impacting students’ well-being, ways in which students feel most supported, and potential areas of improvement. Using these rich data, we are able to better understand the concerns of children growing up in our community and positively impact their development.

Science shows that resilience rests, fundamentally, on relationships. The Gilman community is built on a foundation of mutual support: among students, teachers, coaches, administrators, and the broader community. Our collaboration with Authentic Connections is helping to build and strengthen these real, meaningful relationships so that our students can thrive academically and personally, in their broader school communities.

On Thursday, March 31, Christina Kim, our Director of Wellness and Support, and Rachel Gorsky, our Director of Institutional Research and Data Analytics hosted a webinar for families and guardians to hear the results of these surveys and learn more about what we are doing to support our students and their families.

If you missed it, you can watch the webinar below.