Recap: 2022 Parents Welcome Reception

A thrilling, come-from-behind win for the Gilman football team over nearby rival Boys' Latin served as a perfect prelude for the 2022 Parents Welcome Reception. As the sun started to set and the boys slowly walked off of Brown Field, parents of pre-K through grade 12 students arrived at the Lumen Center Dining Hall, which had been magically transformed from a high school cafeteria into a festive party space. A massive spread of tasty delicacies, colored beads that denoted parents' divisional affiliations, and DJ Darnell's festive musical stylings all contributed to the merry mood. Parents stayed long into the night, catching up with old friends and making new ones.

"It was so much fun to be back on campus - without kids! - and spend a few hours with other Gilman parents from all divisions," said Jennifer Cameron P'32. "I look forward to many more future adult-only and family gatherings during our Gilman years! It's such a great part of the Gilman Community."