Robotics Team DéJàva Wins at FIRST Tech Challenge

Gilman’s freshman/sophomore robotics team, named DéJàva, won first place for the Control Award Middle River at the First Chesapeake FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) game, Freight Frenzy. The competition was held on Sunday, January 30.

The Control Award celebrates a team that displays innovative thinking in the control system to solve game challenges. The team will advance to the state competition on April 8 and 9.

Here’s what the judges had to say: “With innovative camera programming, this team had their robot seeing not clearly, but blurry. They were able to detect the distance to the walls and other obstacles relatively well. Their robot displayed excellent control.”

Watch the announcement of DéJàva as the winner (begin watching at 9:00).

Both of Gilman’s Upper School FTC teams, DéJàva and Noot, will be competing again, on Saturday February 5, in addition to the Middle School FTC team, CyberDogs, and the Middle School FIRST Lego League teams, the CyberHounds and the RoboHounds.

Team DéJàva
  • Chris Choo ’25
  • Aman Garg ’24
  • Patrick Hervy ’24
  • Chris Hicks ’24
  • Jerry Huang ’25
  • Abraham Karikkineth ’24
  • Arya Kazemnia ’24
  • Daniel Koldobskiy ’24
  • Nicky Lawson ’25
  • Hudson Liu ’25
  • Sean Liu ’25
  • Liam Rivers ’25
  • Max Roth ’24
  • Adam Schutsky ’24
  • Avi Sethuraman ’25
  • Finn Tondro ’24
  • Leo Wang ’24
  • Ethan Yan ’24

The team is coached by PK-12 instructional technology coach/math and technology teacher Lynn Nichols and Upper School science teacher Elana Resnick.