Sports Fans Have a New Podcast: HoundWave Sports

“It started with a love for football,” Taylor, HoundWave Sports founder, admits as he reflects back on how three freshmen built what is now Houndwave Sports, a student-run podcast and website providing commentary for Gilman and Baltimore-related sporting events. “I had a background with Greyhound TV, and I knew a guy that could do audio in the studio with Mr. Ciccanti. We just had all the pieces to make it happen.”

The HoundWave Sports team currently consists of seven Gilman juniors: Taylor, Dylan, Nate, Charlie, Teddy, Owen, and Tem. Since their official website launch in the spring of 2019, they’ve expanded to offer more podcast shows and continue to brainstorm ways to increase audience engagement on their website,

“I don’t think any of us knew what this would become,” joked HoundWave Sports CFO & Insight Officer, Nate. From the beginning stages of planning to determine their episode distribution strategy and monitoring audience growth, these students are dedicated to continuing the success of their business.

Set to graduate in 2021, the HoundWave Sports team is hoping to find the next generation of students to take over their podcast. Taylor remarks, “We want to leave a legacy here at Gilman. We’ve reached out to the middle schoolers who are starting a podcast club after being inspired by us. We are hoping to share this experience with them.”

When discussing the benefits of creating HoundWave Sports, Dylan, editor and graphic designer for HoundWave Sports, recalls the opportunities available at Gilman – including everything from public speaking to Greyhound TV. Whether students are considering starting a new club or creating a business, Nate notes, “There’s no limit to what you can do here at Gilman.”