Gilman Students Descend on Wall Street

An early wake-up call and a chilly day could not dampen the enthusiasm when 18 Gilman students boarded a train bound for New York City.  As part of the Wall Street 101 program, now in its fifth year, these students would visit with three different financial firms, meet more than a dozen alumni working in various roles in the financial sector, and learn about career paths, courses of study, and much more.  Previous to the trip, Chad Burdette ‘02 had traveled down to Baltimore to prepare the students with an overview of the basics of the financial industry. And, the day started with a visit to Morgan Stanley, where Michael Schaftel ‘84 and Michael Faridi ’02 gave the boys a tour and explained how a large investment bank works.  From there, it was off to Lazard Asset Management - located at 30 Rockefeller Center, no less - where Arif Joshi ’94 quizzed the group on potential investment opportunities in emerging markets. The day concluded at Berkshire Capital, where Bruce Cameron ‘74 moderated a panel discussion with Mark Bower ‘99, Corey Popham ‘95, and Greg Stamas ‘06, which covered a broad range of topics from investment strategy to career options and networking opportunities.  The group raced back to Penn Station to board the train home… but not before stopping for pizza!