Gilman Students Take Over Spain

From June 11 through June 28, upper school students traveled to Spain for an immersive experience they'll never forget!

They spent time the beginning of their trip exploring Madrid and visiting important landmarks such as Retiro Park, Royal Palace, La Plaza Mayor, the Real Madrid Soccer Stadium, and La Puerta del Sol. The majority of it was spent with their host families speaking only in Spanish. Students spent thirteen days in the coastal city of Gijón, attending daily classes, eating all their meals at home with families, participating in organized activities and excursions, and enjoying free
time to spend with families.

The linguistic and cultural benefits that this program provides has an important impact on students for years to come. And our students agree!  

“Speaking Spanish on a daily basis was huge for me.  I could solidly communicate and my Spanish speaking ability improved by the end of the program.  I would tell other students to sign up for this program as they will never get an opportunity like this again.”

“I enjoyed having independence, freedom and the opportunity to experience another culture.  This program was well worth it!”

“My Spanish mother’s energy and commitment to helping me learn Spanish was fantastic.  I totally embraced the culture and got to experience new things every day.”

“My experience would not have been the same if not for the homestay and the relationship I had with my family.”

“I loved my homestay!  My family was amazing and very patient with my speaking and understanding.  I gained a great sense of teenage life spending time with my Spanish sister and her friends.”

“This was a great experience which all students should consider doing!”

“I really enjoyed the homestay experience.  My family was really engaging and fun, and I always looked forward to our mealtime conversations.”

“I absolutely loved my homestay.  I had a sibling who was really fun and I loved spending time with her and her friends.”

“If you decide to participate in this program, you will be grateful you did.  It is not like typical school work. You learn so much and have fun at the same time.  It is enriching and fun all around!”